Worlds SMARTEST Handbags!

The perfect SMART handbag for enterprising women, 24hr go-getters
and jet setters everywhere!

The Product

  • Fashion Meets Tech!

    Born out of a desire to innovate, we introduce market leading technology to on trend fashion pieces, adding real value to the day-to-day lives of our consumers allowing them to go further and longer in the pursuit of their professional goals!

  • Wireless Charging for your SMART devices

    We've Worked tirelessly to design the FYB® SMART collection to meet the 24hr go-getter Lifestyle and we know from experience that nothing slows down productivity than running out of battery throughout the day!

  • The Handbag with an APP!

    By Connecting your FYB® SMART handbag to the FYB® App you can remotely open your handbag and also receive alerts should you ever stray too far from your handbag or should someone walk off with it without your knowledge!


We wanted to create a product like no other, a product that provides everything you need to succeed! We are thrilled to introduce the FYB London SMART Handbag collection.


  • Bio-metric Locks & Bluetooth® Connected Via the FYB® SMART App

    The FYB® SMART collection features Bio-metric locks meaning they will only open to your fingerprint! They are also Bluetooth connected to your App which also allows you to open your bag remotely and will alert you if your handbag ever gets to far away!

  • CHARGING ON DEMAND - 5000MaH Wireless & Wired Charging

    Every FYB® SMART handbag comes equipped with Wired and Wireless Charging pockets, allowing you to charge your devices on the move!

  • Luxurious leather with organisation to rival a mobile office!

    Crafted out of the highest quality leather with every pocket and compartment designed to maximise space and make your belongings easier to find. No more black hole!